Franchise Owners and Team Members. Some of The People Behind DRY. Corporate and More Team Memebers  Carpet Cleaning Franchise

Greg Cantrell with Robert Segura. San Francisco Bay Area business development and franchise marketing support.

Mr. Daniel Guardado, Franchise owner and trainer. Mr. Guardado owns 4 territories located in Orange County, CA. Mr. Guardado has been affiliated with the company for over 12 years.
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Mr. Gabriel Grozav is the company's 1st franchisee. Mr. Grozav is one of our product/process and equipment trainers. He owns 8 territories located in Riverside County, CA
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Mr. Roger Peoples (seated) is the company's 9th franchisee. Dallas, TX. In the foreground is Mr. Eric Snyder who blends, packages and ships product to franchisees.

Mr. and Mrs. Dodge. Steve and Andrea are the company's 4th franchisee.  They owns 3 areas in Southern California.  

Mr. Wayne Basgall is the company's 6th franchisee. Mr. Basgall owns 3 areas in Southern California.

Mr. Todd Devereaux and family. Mr. Devereaux  is the company's 10th franchisee . Wichita, KS 

Mr. Jerry Mora is the president of Family Tree Investments, LLC. (Franchisee Jerry Mora with Family Tree Investments, LLC Talks About What It's Like Being a Franchise Ownwero AdListen to Jerry) Mr. Mora's company is the company's 11th franchisee. Operating 2 territories (Southern California)

Mr. Peter Wyckoff with son Mr. Derrick Wyckoff (right) the president of SALCO, Inc. Mr. Wyckoff's company is the company's 13th franchisee. They manage 1 territory located in Southern California

Mr. Charlie Espinoza is the company's 14th franchisee. Mr. Espinoza and his wife Ruth manage 1 territory located in Katy, TX near Houston.

The Segura Family is the company's 15th franchisee. The Segura family own 2 territories located in San Jose, CA.

Mr. Trent Jones (left) with Sr. Technician Brian Jones. Trent Jones of Jones Enterprises, LLC is the company's 16th franchisee. Mr. Jones owns 1 territory in Tulare, Fresno, CA.

Nathaniel & Vicki Clark are the company's 17th franchisee. The Clark's owns 1 territory in Houston, TX.

Scott Armstrong is the company's 18th franchisee. Mr. Armstrong owns 1 territory in Birmingham-Montgomery, AL (Metros).

Discovery Day Event.

Discovery Day Event. We announce Discovery Day Events on radio.
Franchisee Jerry Mora with Family Tree Investments, LLC Talks About What It's Like Being a Franchise Ownwero Ad Listen

Gabriel Grozav speaking to Discovery Day attendees.  Watch related videos 1-800 DRYCARPET® Franchise Video - High Speed 300k Franchise video Franchisee Jerry Mora with Family Tree Investments, LLC Talks About What It's Like Being a Franchise Ownwero AdDiscovery Day Radio Ad

Mr. Peter Winscott with Mr. Winscott participates at all franchisee training events and offers ongoing support to company franchisees.

Lucas Wimer films, edits and makes company video assets available via the net and produces DVD training videos for franchisees.

Christian Kingery worked with the company to create DRYCARPETCentral™ Software a web based software application that is owned by the company.

Mrs. Nichole Hill, Graphics Designer with
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Paul Bourn with BIG CITY SIGNS. He installs vehicle wrap-graphics and assists in franchisee training. 

Greg Cantrell with Blaine Parker and Big Wave Dave from The Fish 95.9FM at Salem Studio's, Burbank, CA.  Listen to radio interview 25 Minute Radio Interview with Greg Cantrell

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