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How It's Done:
Swedry® Carpet Cleaning employs physical contact as opposed to hot water pressure. Our genuine DRY ORGANIC system intelligently controls the moisture that is used. Swedry® Carpet Cleaner permanently removes deep down soil, cleaning carpet deeper and more thoroughly than any other carpet cleaning product on earth. What's more; carpet is left DRY and ready to use immediately, without removing (flushing out with hot water pressure) valuable carpet stain resistant materials. As if that wasn't enough, no dirt attracting residue is left in carpet to attract new soil. Swedry® is organic.

Conventional wet cleaning professionals often point out that Swedry® Carpet Cleaning is not really dry, and, they are right!  Swedry® Carpet Cleaning is not dry (as in Webster’s definition of “dry"); it is moisture controlled. This precise description is important.

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Why We're Different:
In one word, "DRY". You too can experience true deep cleaning that is dry, amazingly clean and ready to use in minutes, not hours or days. In addition, your carpet will stay clean longer because Swedry® Carpet Cleaning does not leave soap and water to dry in carpet. This is 1-800 DRYCARPET®.

How Can The Carpet Be Truly DRY and Clean:
To really understand this, we first must understand that 85% of the soil in carpet can be removed by vacuuming.  Swedry® Carpet Cleaning has championed the vacuuming-step as the most important step in cleaning.  "Let's remove as much of the dry soil as is physically possible before we add any cleaning liquids" is a maxim that works.  The lingering 15% of the soil is oily or greasy and cannot be removed by vacuuming.  The secret of our dry carpet cleaning system is that moistened Swedry® granules are used to absorb and remove this oily soil and then the product and the soil are both removed with a vacuum cleaner. Since Swedry® Carpet Cleaning employs physical contact instead of hot water pressure, carpet stain resistant materials are not diluted or removed. And, even better news than that is the fact that there is no soap and water left to dry in the carpet, thereby remedying the phenomenon of rapid re-soiling and/or returning spots that can occur with conventional steam-cleaning and wet shampoo methods.  

How We Control Moisture:
Have you ever used a moist paper towel to clean a counter surface?  A paper towel can be perfectly moistened to loosen and absorb the soil. That is exactly how dry carpet cleaning works - just the right amount of moisture to clean carpet, without over saturating.  If your table surface is really dirty, you use another paper towel; likewise, if the carpet is really dirty, we use more dry carpet cleaner. To properly clean a carpet, we must use moisture.  So, Swedry dry carpet cleaning is not dry, but since a slight amount of moisture is used, the end result is a clean, dry carpet.

Changing The Way People Feel About Carpet Cleaning
Our secret dry carpet cleaning formula, Swedry® Carpet Cleaner, is organic. The difference between hot water extraction (HWE) and Swedry® Carpet Cleaning is the amount of moisture used and the actual delivery of moisture.  Remember the moist paper towel?  Swedry® Carpet Cleaning follows the principles of several certified criteria; a proper blend of moisture, agitation, temperature and timed delivery.  Similarly, our dry carpet cleaning product contains a small amount of  water, and safe cleaning agents to satisfy cleaning.  Furthermore, the deep, thorough brushing (physical contact) of the carpeted area satisfies the time, agitation and heat (physical contact) components. Swedry® Carpet Cleaning provides deep cleaning! Not to worry ... our process is safe for all carpet fiber. The physical brushing contact that our machines employ is similar to that of your common everyday vacuum cleaner.

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Carpet. Millions of Vertical Surfaces (carpet is vertical not horizontal):  
The necessary cleaning agents are mixed with a soft absorbent base (which is organic); this blend is called the "cleaner."  This cleaner is applied to the carpet and brushed through carpet utilizing physical contact with a special machine or with a specially designed hand brush.  The cleaner is the absorbent media, similar to a kitchen-sponge that you might use to clean a wall or a kitchen counter.  The cleaner delivers the liquid to the carpet, dissolves and traps the soil - until removed by vacuuming.

Our dry carpet cleaning machines have two counter-rotating brushes that move vertically through carpet pile, lifting as they clean. This brushing or circulating action is an important part of our dry carpet cleaning process.  Why? Because the brushing technique is designed so that the cleaner has an opportunity to contact all the dirty fibers in the carpet, even deep within carpet fiber.  The cleaner applies the necessary moisture to the fiber surface, the liquid dissolves the soil, and the cleaner reabsorbs that soil. Note: Our machines clean carpet from the bottom up, gently lifting carpet fiber upward. Do-it-Yourself Dry Carpet Cleaning Machine   

Zero Down-Time: 

The key is proper and effective vacuuming to remove the cleaner that now hold all the carpet's soil (including dust,
mold spores and allergens).  Removal of the used Swedry product should include the use of a separate piece of equipment (a quality vacuum cleaner). Important!  

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Why People Enjoy Swedry
® Carpet Cleaning:
Swedry Carpet Cleaning is safe for all fibers, and excellent for natural fibers, such as wool, sisal, coir and cotton.  Manufacturers and importers of these natural fibers often recommend Swedry Carpet Cleaning. 

Simply put, our authentic dry carpet cleaning system provides
outstanding results, is convenient and environmentally safe! And, since our dry carpet cleaning system employs physical contact instead of water pressure there is no soil attracting soap and water (no detergent residue) left to dry in carpet fiber.

Unprecedented Approval Ratings: 
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It is inevitable that new technology will reveal itself in time.  For over 10 years the company has successfully serviced the Southern California area with a true dry carpet cleaning system.

Intelligent and Convenient:   
Swedry® Carpet Cleaning, you can clean only the areas of carpet that need cleaning, such as traffic areas.  Since very little moisture is involved, it is easy to clean a area and blend it into surrounding areas.  No watermarks or streaks, minimal residue and the soil is efficiently removed.  Dry carpet cleaning can be done at any time, day or night, even while people are walking on the carpet.  A distinctive of dry carpet cleaning is the ability to clean anytime making our cleaning system perfect for commercial or retail facilities.  Areas that most often need cleaning do not need to be closed to traffic. 

Imagine turning a hotel room in 15 minutes, cleaning the carpet in a retail store just before it opens, refreshing the carpet in a restaurant right before the lunch or dinner rush.  This is what we call "zero down time". 
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When is Dry Carpet Cleaning The Best Way To Go:

Other than the cleaning of delicate natural fibers mentioned above, it is the application of  "intelligent cleaning” (scheduled cleaning) that is perhaps the best use of dry carpet cleaning. Dry carpet cleaning is misunderstood and is often categorized as "marginal cleaning" -  something you do to "put off the real cleaning", which takes much more time and effort.

Authentic Dry Carpet Cleaning, Dry Absorbent Media (DAM) and Physical Contact vs. Hot Water Extraction (HWE):
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Swedry® Carpet Cleaning removes soil efficiently while controlling moisture, leaving no soap residue and leaving the carpet dry, clean and ready to walk on.  Dry carpet cleaning greatly reduces slip-and-fall accidents.  In conclusion, Swedry® Carpet Cleaning will not dilute or remove stain resistant materials - And, when Swedry® Carpet Cleaning is used on a regular basis, carpet stays clean longer since there is no water and soap left to dry in carpet.   

These facts, I hope, help solve the mystery of "DRY" cleaning.  Similar to the moist paper towel used in the home,
Swedry® Carpet Cleaning is a valuable procedure which is appropriate in accomplishing clean and healthy carpet.

DRYCARPET.COM: This web site provides a glimpse of the companies development, its products, technologies, and the people who make up our world of innovation. Thank you for stopping by ...and, Stay DRY. 

In 1995 aggressive R&D resulted in Swedry® Carpet Cleaner and the invention of the acronym DAM (Dry Absorbent Media).    

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