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Carpet Cleaning Product
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Swedry® ACCELERATOR Stain Remover
NET WT 8FL OZ (236 ML)


Directions - Stain Remover    
1. Spray Pre-Mist on a clean white terry-cloth towel.
2. Then apply clean white terry-cloth towel to stain. Start wiping from the edge of stain, then toward center.
3. Wipe or blot stain away.  If this does not remove the stain then proceed to #5.
4. Transfer stain onto clean white terry-cloth towel by standing on towel 2 to 3 minutes. Important
5. Deep clean and absorb spots completely and permanently with Swedry® DRYCARPET™ Carpet Cleaner.

The Power of DRY®
It's true! No type of carpet cleaner is more accurate than Swedry®. Whether you have a
1-800 DRYCARPET® Professional clean your carpet or choose to do it yourself, our carpet cleaner is one of the smartest, simplest home improvements you can make. Depending on the product assortment that you select, you can save up to 33% on future carpet cleaning costs.

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Meet our chemist/images/SWEDRY® Carpet Cleaner. 15LBS (7.15 kg.) Box
As a company, 1-800 DRYCARPET™ is the only company in the world that manufactures an authentic dry carpet cleaning powder-product called Swedry® Carpet Cleaner . If you are bothered by spots mysteriously reappearing after using liquid household carpet cleaning products you've come to the right place.

1-800 DRYCARPET, The Leader in Authentic Dry Carpet Cleaning
We manufactures a genuine dry
carpet cleaning product. Swedry® Carpet Cleaner
is not a confusing liquid-dry-wet shampoo. Our product feels soft and slightly damp to the touch. Swedry® Carpet Cleaner is organic and is manufactured and packaged in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

Swedry® Carpet Cleaning absorbs and traps soil leaving carpet clean, fresh, dry and ready to use immediately. Furthermore, t here is no soap and water left to dry in carpet, so carpets stay fresh and clean much longer. Swedry ® Carpet Cleaning delivers deep cleaning power by absorbing soil deep within carpet, cleaning carpet fibers from the bottom up rather than from the top down. What's more, there is no soap, detergent and/or solvents left to dry in carpet.

Soap and Water Cleaners  
Carpet cleaning methods, including some that contain the word dry in their name, can leave detergent to dry in carpet. After carpet is cleaned with a wet carpet cleaning method the water evaporates from the cleaning solution and the detergent dries and re-crystallizes within and throughout carpet fibers. During the drying time, (2 hours to 6 days), the water (H20) evaporates from the "cleaning solution" and the detergent remains. Detergent residue can attract new soil, trigger rapid re-soiling and cause carpets to "ugly-out" and become matted down. Simply put, detergent residue (soap) attracts new soil.



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