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DRYCARPET™ carpet cleaning product research and development Dr. Don C. Atkins, D.Sc.  Doctor of Science, Chief Chemist
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Dr. Atkins is responsible for the research and development of Swedry®, our DRY ORGANIC product and oversees manufacturing and blending protocol.  He a senior fellow with The American Institute of Chemists and The New York Academy of Sciences.   Don C. Atkins, D.Sc. Inventor of Swedry® Carpet Cleaning formula

Dr. Atkins has no monetary interest or equity position in 1-800 DRYCARPET®, or with any affiliate entity.

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Sr. Fellowships
: The American Institute of Chemists, American Association for the Advancement of Science, The New York Academy of Sciences.  

: American Chemical Society; New York Academy of Science. Association; Sigma Xi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Alph Chi Sigma; American Society of Testing Materials.
Credentials, honors and awards
Honors and Awards

Honor Scroll Award, American Institute of Chemists, 1974; Charter President of California Institute of Chemists, 1970 - 1972: President, Western Chapter American Institute of Chemists, 1968 - 1969: Certified Professional Chemists by American Institute of Chemists, 1978; Secretary, Orange County Section American Chemical Society, 1966 - 1967; Chairman, Orange County Section of American Chemical Society, 1972 - 1973: Councilor, Orange County Section of American Chemical Society, 1974 - 1978; Science Advisory Committee, Chapman University, 1983 - current; Secretary, Southwest Section of American Oil Chemists; President of Congregational United Church of Christ; Los Alamitos, CA, 1977 - 1978