Daniel, Owner/Operator of
1-800-DRYCARPET® Carpet Cleaning Orange County, CA

Genuine Dry Carpet Cleaning That's Truly Dry!

Use carpet immediately after service. Yes, really..Watch 0:30 Video

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Daniel, Owner/Operator (15 years)
1-800-DRYCARPET® Carpet Cleaning Orange County, CA

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Organic Since the Beginning™

1-800 DRYCARPET®: Organic before it was "a thing". Originally, we simply wanted to eliminate the phenomena of "returning spots" and rapid resoiling.

DRY ORGANIC™: We are 1 of 4 in the world that manufactures and uses a dry, absobrbent, physical-granular product, that is organic, to clean carpet.

Whopping 92% Customer Loyalty: Use property immediately after service, spots will not return, carpet stays clean longer. Yelp - Facebook - Drycarpet

Dry Carpet Cleaning

Extremely Deep Dry Carpet Cleaning, Ridiculously Convenient

Our dry carpet cleaning process cleans deeper and more thoroughly than any other carpet cleaning product on earth. We're known for bringing our customers immediate dry, healthy, long lasting results.

Effective, Permanent, Deep Stain Removal: Stains and/or spots do not return or "reappear" after our cleaning.

Padding and Subfloor: Your property's subfloring and/or padding will not and cannot get wet or damp. Recommended or required for all commercial glue-down carpet. Carpet stays clean longer!

1-800 DRYCARPET: Call 1-800-379-2277, enter your 5-digit property zip code and be connected to an owner operator today. Or, Schedule Online.

Guaranteed 'No Mold, Just Flat-Out Healthier Cleaning': We do not use a liquid based carpet cleaning method. Our dry carpet cleaning system does require flushing boiling hot, soapy, yucky water through carpet fiber.

Science! Not Marketing: Have you ever meet a famous chemist? Meet Chemist

DOC SYSTEM:  (Dry, Organic, Clean™).  A qualified Doctor of Science developed our 'DOC SYSTEM™'. The Doctor is listed as a Senior Fellow with The New York Academy of Sciences and The American Institute of Chemists.

YOU... ARE A PIONEER USING DRY ORGANIC™: Everything we do, you do. Your business lets us do business in a way that's better for the planet. Like leading the way in green cleaning technology as the first DRY ORGANIC Carpet Cleaning franchise system in the good ol' USA. It's what we can do, because of what you do. Good for you, you.

Call Toll Free 800-379-2277 or Schedule Online and schedule your carpet cleaning appointment now.

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