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Yes the service man did a great job on my carpets and the house smells so clean now. You do not have to go threw the hours for the carpets to dry. I have had some bad experience when the carpets are so wet and have to wear plastic covers over your feet that the company would provide. I even had to get out all my fans to start drying out the carpets and sometimes that took 24 to 48 hours. I will always recommend 800-DRYCARPET company to all my friends and family. Everybody should go with DRY CARPET CLEANING. WichitaA "blog" is an online journal or commentary written by one person. Read the latest blog. 4-10-2009 10:16 PM
I called 1-800-DRYCARPET a couple of weeks ago to have them come and clean. I really needed a particular room cleaned-my son had a ferret in his room for a few years and it was a messy pet!! In fact I wasn't even sure the carpet was worth cleaning. The technician cleaned the carpet, and although it probably will need a new pad, it is much better than I expected. The technician has only been gone a couple of hours, but so far all of the carpet that he cleaned looks great and there is minimal dampness. I am sure this was a much better alternative than "regular cleaning" since I have severe allergies, and so do many of the children that I have in my daycare. I will not hesitate in calling 1-800-DRYCARPET again when I want my carpets cleaned. I definitely will recommend 1-800-DRYCARPET to all of my daycare parents and friends. Wichita 6-12-2008 3:20 PM
I was very skeptical about the process, but now am glad I gave them a try. No water, no hoses, very quiet process. Great smell. Pet spots gone. We walked on the carpet in bare feet before they left and it felt dry and clean. I highly recommend their services. Wichita
3-12-2008 9:04 PM
We had our carpet cleaned before Christmas and it still looks great! It was clean, dry, and ready to use before they left. We are very satisfied with the results and will use Drycarpet again. Kansas  2-21-2008 6:11 PM
We just had our carpets cleaned and they turned out fantastic. The spots are still gone which is the best part of all. Goddard  12-2-2006 5:36 PM
Todd just left my house about thirty minutes ago and I am totally impressed with his work and the way my 15 year old carpet looks. He was very professional and I will recommend him to anyone. Goddard  10-30-2006 12:04 PM
I just had my carpet cleaned by DRYCARPET of Wichita. Mr. Devereaux was wonderful!! Not only was he friendly and easy to approach but he took the time to do the job right. I love the dry carpet feel. Am anxious to see how it holds up. Wichita  10-25-2006 8:52 AM
I am very happy with my clean carpet! The fact that it is a "dry" process is a big improvement over the other methods of cleaning carpet. My carpet was clean, fresh, and ready to walk on immediately after the procedure. I like the fresh smell and it is still evident after a month! I will definitely call DryCarpet again. Wichita  9-7-2006 4:49 PM
We have used many different cleaners in the past, and I have always been a bit wary of the gentlemen entering my home, and not always satisfied with the job done. However, this system is AMAZING. The job was completed beautifully, Todd Devereaux was very kind and excellent and explaining the process (he even let my daughter "help") and we will definitely become a regular customer. I am so glad to see an organic, DRY, alternative out there, especially coming originally from MA where humidity was a very large issue. Thank you, thank you!!! Wichita
7-10-2006 3:01 AM
We have used this service in the office, personal residence and in homes on the market. It is great to clean the carpet and it not be wet putting unwanted humidity into the home. It even removed finger nail polish my daughter spilled in the bathroom. Wichita  7-8-2006 7:03 AM
This carpet cleaner is the best. And the gentleman that came to clean was so professional and got all our spots out. We were completely impressed. Wichita  6-15-2006 6:36 AM
I couldn't be happier with my clean carpets! I definitely will pass the word to my friends and coworkers. Todd was such a professional. He was so helpful and got the carpets looking wonderful again! Thanks, Todd!  Augusta  5-15-2006 4:50 AM


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