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Remove bleach stains


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If you're in a tight spot you may have something in your home right now that can keep a carpet spill from becoming a permanent eyesore.    

Test your cleaning product.  Perform this simple test to determine the safety of your cleaning product and your carpet-fiber color pigment surety.  a. Test your spot or stain removal product on an inconspicuous area of the carpet (perhaps in the corner of a closet).  b. Follow the product instructions carefully.  c. Apply a few drops to your carpet.  d. Place a clean white towel over the area to be tested and stand on the towel for approximately 30 seconds.  e. Check both the towel (or napkin) and the carpet for any color transfer.  Your carpet stain or spot cleaner should never remove color.  Do not use any product that removes color from your carpet.  Try another spot remover if you notice a color transfer. Always follow label direction.

Carpet spot removal  For spot removal we recommend using a dry carpet cleaning product and a vacuum cleaner.  If you do not have a dry carpet cleaning product: Upon successful removal of a spot or stain it is recommended that you thoroughly dry the area with a clean WHITE terrycloth towel.  Then re-wet the area with a clean (slightly) damp kitchen-sponge.  Over wetting your carpet can damage your carpet.  Again, dry the area thoroughly  -  Repeat this procedure 2-3 times in an attempt to remove all cleaning agent, detergent residue, from carpet. 
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Pet stain and odor remover Bad Dog® takes advantage of current microbe-enzyme technology. Our unique formula contains specific enzyme cultures that eliminates odors rather than temporarily masking over odor with fragrances. 1. Spray Bad Dog® directly on odor or stain.  Let set 2-5 minutes.  Apply a clean white terry-cloth towel. 2. Begin wiping from the edge of stain, then toward center. 3. Transfer stain onto clean white terry-cloth towel by standing on towel 2-3 minutes. Important. 4. For additional absorbent benefits follow-up with Swedry® DRYCARPET™ Carpet Cleaner


Carpet stain removal  Apply a small amount of any brand of carpet stain removal product to a clean white towel (never directly on the carpet) and gently apply slightly moistened towel to the stain.  Begin cleaning the edges of the stain towards the center of the stain to prevent it from spreading.  Continue as long as the stain is getting transferred onto the towel.  Apply more solution to a fresh area on the towel and repeat the process as long as the stain is being removed.  Follow up with a dry carpet cleaning product to remove and absorb all the cleaning agent.  This will keep the effected area from re-soiling In depth carpet stain removal directions
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Read what people are saying about our dry carpet cleaning system, procedures and service. You can also listen to our radio commercials that are recorded by our residential and commercial customers.

Potential problems caused by improper carpet cleaning
. Over wetting of the carpet can be caused by improperly adjusted hot water extraction equipment. Or by passing over an area too many times with HWE or shampoo equipment. Remove the cleaning solution completely as any residue will attract new soil and may cause damage to the carpet.  Spots Do Not break the law of gravity - detergent residue attracts new soil.

Over-wetting caused by carpet cleaning.  Illegal Scam and Gimmicks

  • Prolonged exposure to moisture can foster an environment conducive to unhealthy bacteria and allergen reproduction. Allergy and asthma sufferers; Consult you doctor about our suggestion to turn on your air
    conditioner for dehumidification purposes. 
  • Prolonged exposure to moisture can cause shrinking, stretching and seam separation.
  • If water seeps into backing it can cause a separation of secondary backing. (Rarely occurs)
  • Over wetting can also cause bleaching of dyes. (Very rarely occurs)
  • Placing metal or wood legged furniture on wet carpet can cause rust and stains.
  • When hiring a professional check their references and ask if THEIR TECHNICIANS have been trained
    and by what organization. Ask to see Company references, proof of workers compensation and general
    liability insurance and training credentials. Most companies that operate reputable conventional wet
    systems will be happy to email or fax to you these documents. 

Other problems that can occur while cleaning carpets

Using chemicals that leave residue.
Using chemicals that are toxic or that cause allergic reactions.

Using cleaning agents that cause colors to bleed or transfer. (Usually only wool, cotton or silk).

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