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How An Exclusive Territory is Determined:
An exclusive/protected territory is defined by zip code and include a minimum of the following demographic criteria: Population base of at least 100,000 and have a minimum of 40,000 households that have an annual household income of at least $50,000.

Highway 65 Porterville, CA. LAMAR T.Jones
Will My Territory Be Protected?: Absolutely. No other 1-800 DRYCARPET franchise or license will be granted within your defined territory.

Internet Software
Our Internet software enables franchisees and licensees to view scheduling activity live and in real-time. All appointments are automatically populated within each franchisee or licensees portal, which includes; notes regarding appointments, driving directions and an email engine that attracts and retains customers. Our company has been web based since 1999. The public can connect live to our database and schedule online.

Marketing: Marketing is the philosophy behind advertising. Therefore we guide our franchisees every step of the way and determine what will work with respect to your goals.

Radio, 2. Cable TV, 3. Print (Newspaper Inserts and Yellow Page Display Ads), 4. Direct Mail and Direct To Door-Hanger Distribution), 5. Internet, 6. Word of Mouth (Generated automatically over time), 7. Signage (Vehicle wrap graphics, Yard Signs and Gorilla Marketing Techniques), 8. Telephone.

Credit Card Processing
: Franchisees process all payments through our Internet Software. Checks, debit and credit cards are processed with POS (point of sale) devises through a merchant account that links to your business bank account.

Getting Customers / Marketing-Advertising: Understanding what works and what doesn't directly impacts strategy and tactics. We will review your goals to determine if they're being targeted, tracked and achieved.



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