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Swedry® DRYCARPET Carpet Cleaning PRO Professional directions USA Professional directions BRITISH Deutsch  English  Español  Français  Svenska
Swedry® DRYCARPET™ Carpet Cleaner 31.5 lbs. (14.3 kg.)Bad Dog® pet stain & odor remover 1gallon

Professional Approved 1-800 DRYCARPET® DRY ORGANIC™ Carpet Cleaning Directions  [ Switch ]

1.  Pre-Vacuum.  Maintain and clean vacuum equipment daily. Inspect your vacuum belts and bags to ensure optimum performance. 

2.  Stain removal. Use ACCELERATOR to remove stains such as; ink, red dyes petroleum or grease.  Follow directions on back label. 

3.  Pet Or Malodor removal. Use Bad Dog® Pet Stain & Odor Remover. Follow directions on back label.

(*Optional Step)
*4.  Pre Cleaning and/or Detergent Residue Removal. Dilute ACCELERATOR between 10:1 - 20:1 (our product works best when it is properly diluted - a stronger mixture does not aid in cleaning, it actually reduces it). Our pre-cleaning product is highly concentrated and contains the best surfactants and ingredients available. Spray a light mist of ACCELERATOR to traffic areas and on areas that are overly soiled (overly soiled areas usually mean that there is a lot of dried detergent residue left behind by so-called 'dry' methods and/or by steam cleaning methods.  Bonnet using an approved 175 rpm rotary bonnet machine. This Optional Step 4 aids in reactivating dried detergent residue that may be residing within and throughout carpet fiber due to professional steam cleaning and other cleaning services and/or from household spot cleaners. In addition, our pre-cleaning step prepares carpet for Swedry® DRY ORGANIC™ Carpet Cleaning. ACCELERATOR is a high quality anionic formulation and will not leave dirt attracting residue. Instructions are on back label.  

5. Dry Carpet Cleaning.  Apply Swedry® Carpet Cleaning Powder to the area(s) to be cleaned How much product to apply depends on prevailing soil conditions.  For overly soiled and/or overly wet-cleaned areas it may be necessary to repeat steps 4-6 in an attempt to remove any crystallized detergent residue left behind by professional steam cleaning, household spot removers or from rental carpet cleaning machines.

6. Brush Swedry® Carpet Cleaner.
a.  Brush Swedry® Carpet Cleaner in a north/south then east/west and again in a north/south direction. Important.  b.  Re-apply and re-brush Swedry® Carpet Cleaner in abused or detergent residue areas. Important.  c.  Ask your customer where they may have used household liquid spot cleaners, rental carpet cleaning equipment or where they have received professional carpet cleaning. We suggest that you apply Swedry® Carpet Cleaner to those areas in an attempt to absorb and remove detergent residue. These areas should be cleaned 2-3 times in an attempt to remove dried detergent residue. Do not hold yourself responsible for sticky soap residues left by wet carpet cleaning companies or from household products. Spots do not break the law of gravity and return on their own ..Detergent residue attracts NEW soil.  Learn more

7. Vacuum/Remove Swedry® Carpet Cleaner.
a.  Allow Swedry® Carpet Cleaner to dry completely (10-20 minutes) before vacuuming.  b.  Swedry® Carpet Cleaner is safe for people, pets and our environment and will continue to absorb any new soil for up to 3 days. However, most customers prefer that you remove the product completely. BUT, for restoration jobs, (or ...for carpet that is abused due to over-wet-cleaning), it may be necessary to leave behind a small amount of Swedry® Carpet Cleaner. Inform your customer that Swedry® Carpet Cleaner is not harmful. Ask your customer to wait 3 days before vacuuming the small amount of Swedry® Carpet Cleaner that you propose to leave behind.  c.  Remember: The worst thing for carpet IS wet conventional carpet cleaning, liquid spot removers and rental equipment, (short of a fire or flood of course).  Swedry® DRYCARPET Carpet Cleaner will a most of the detergent residue left behind by wet cleaning methods and wet household spot removers. Some conventional steam cleaning companies can be contracted to perform what is commonly referred to as an acid rinse process, (cool water rinse).  However, this procedure can create several other problems.  

 Professional Tips

1.  When confronted with heavily soiled or over cleaned areas refer to step number 4 (above) and also take extra care and time with step number 5 (also above). Our exclusive seven-step-process may either include a OP or rotary bonnet Pre Cleaning step prior to Swedry® Carpet Cleaning. Pre cleaning in this way before dry extraction cleaning with Swedry® Carpet Cleaner not only prepares the carpet for the dry extraction removal but it also reactivates any dry crystallized detergent residue that may have been left behind from previous wet carpet cleaning methods, household shampoo unites and/or household liquid carpet spot removers.

Service that lasts: Wet carpet cleaning products and home steam cleaning machines may remove, extract and/or dilute valuable carpet stain and crush resistant materials in the same way as wet cleaning methods. In addition to the possible removal of carpet stain protection materials, soap and water spot cleaners leave dirt attracting detergent residue that gives the impression that spots have "returned" all on their own.

2.  Brush Swedry® Carpet Cleaner in detergent residue areas in an attempt to absorb and remove dried detergent residue. Even if the carpet looks clean where liquid spot removers have been used, Swedry® Carpet Cleaner may absorb "a portion" of any dried detergent residue, (removing detergent residue with Swedry® Carpet Cleaner may take 2-3 applications by a customer over a period of several weeks). You may want to consider our Household Swedry® Carpet Cleaning KIT for spots.

Myth vs. Truth:  If your customer has spots that  "come-back" ask them to call 1-800 DRYCARPET® or ask them to visit drycarpet.com; (drycarpet.com/detergent_residue.htm)   

3.  Vacuum/remove Swedry® Carpet Cleaner. Use a high quality stand-alone vacuum cleaner (important). Use a broom to remove Swedry® Carpet Cleaning granules from base-boards, edges and furniture legs instead of using a vacuum crevice tool. Brush/broom product away from base-boards, then vacuum. It is estimated that between 1 to 3% of Swedry® granules will remain in the carpet (in the form of a DRY granule-residue that will eventually be removed by the homeowner instead of a dried crystallized residue that is locked within and throughout carpet fibers that can not be removed by vacuuming).  Swedry® Carpet Cleaner will continue to absorb any new soil for up to 3 days.

Maintain your vacuum equipment daily (check bag and belts to ensure optimum performance). 

4.  Visit this page for up new tips and updates. Last update was October 7, 2008.

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