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Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Syndrome
Many people ask us for the ingredients of Swedry
® Carpet Cleaner. While we are indeed pleased to present, offer and sell our DRY ORGANIC product and/or service we do not disclose the formulation ingredients of our product. (Swedry® is 98% organic).

Our Suggestion to those with MCSS
The chemicals that are in some carpet can be indeed a concern to those that have been diagnosed with MCSS. Therefore, the company suggests that you consider removing your carpet rather than finding a carpet cleaner to clean your carpet.

Why Do We Recommend This
Your concerns may be well-founded. However, your concern may be with the the chemicals that are resident within carpet, namely;
formaldehyde, latex and Teflon® (PFOA) Perfluorooctanoic Acid (PFOA)

Is This You
Ask you doctor. If you have been diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities we suggest that you consider removing all chemical bearing products, including carpet, from your property rather than finding a carpet cleaner to clean your carpet.
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